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Loop-Wheel Pocket Tee



Once again the Japanese have perfected an iconic American garment. Crafted on vintage looms with original details – including no side seams – these are some of the best, most authentic T-shirts in existence.

  • 100% cotton fabric from Tsuri Ami of Wakayama, Japan
  • Constructed on 4-needle loop-wheel looms*
  • Superior tube body construction - no side seams (very rare)
  • Excellent fit and comfort
  • Sturdy, reinforced no-stretch neck
  • U-shaped chest pocket is hand cut
  • Antithesis of today’s cheap, mass-produced, body-hiding Tees
  • Made in Japan

*Four-needle loop-wheel looms are able to weave a perfect tube but they can only weave one set diameter per loom. This means the factory needs a different loom for each size, which is very time consuming and expensive and that’s why it’s never seen today. A tube body construction means no side seams, a better fit and a shirt that retains its shape. This process requires more time, more attention to detail and more expense, but the result is a superior quality garment. 

Size & Fit

  • Runs small; order the next size up

Company Background

Barns is another shining star in Japan's constellation of apparel craftsmen, known primarily for achieving perfection with the classic T-shirt through their use of vintage loop-wheel looms.

Read more here about the growing significance of Japanese Americana.

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