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February 21, 2015


Celebrity photographer Timothy White
Timothy White is one of the most talented and prolific celebrity photographers alive. His photographs have graced the covers of Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Esquire and Playboy, for example, in addition to album covers for Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Aretha Franklin. If that weren’t enough, he’s also shot the images for hundreds of movie posters for films we’ve all seen, like Fury, Ocean’s 13, Cowboys & Aliens and Tommy Boy, to name a few, and television, like Mad Men, CSI: NY, Sons of Anarchy, and much more.

His list of subjects includes just about everybody who’s anybody, really, from film, music, fashion and popular culture. (To see for yourself,

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February 16, 2015


Some of the most beautiful graphic design of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries was produced as sales materials for the niche industry of printing by Ault & Wiborg.

Established in 1878 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the story of Ault & Wiborg is that of the American dream: hope, risk, sacrifice, hard work and accomplishment. 
Ault was an immigrant from Canada and Wiborg the son of a Norwegian immigrant. Both worked their way through various jobs and by way of merit and scruples rose to success.

Ault had worked for a dealer of lampblack (the highly stable carbon black pigment obtained from oil, tar, resin or the soot of burned fat) and realized an entire business could built and expanded upon the concept of high-quality colorants.

Together with Wiborg, who had formally studied the classics and sciences at a...

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December 1, 2014


This story appears in an edited version in the current Winter 2014 issue of Bonhams Magazine.

“Good design is honest,” said F.A. Porsche. “A coherently designed product requires no adornment; it should be enhanced by its form alone.” 

For the grandson of Porsche paterfamilias Ferdinand Porsche, F.A. Porsche, or Bützi, as he was called, good design was inherent. However, when he first designed what would become the 911, little did he know...

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November 1, 2014


I was in Ouagadougou during the last coup d’état back when the country of Burkina Faso was called Upper Volta. It was not a comfortable situation. Now it’s happening again.

As everyone knows, West Africa has always faced challenges and now it’s being plagued by ebola. Sierra Leone, Liberia (two countries suffering the effects of past civil war), Guinea (a haven of relative peace) and now Mali (a country that just got back on its feet after war with Al Qaeda) are all affected.

These countries already have little except their rich culture and self-respect. Despite being some of the poorest on earth, the people are some of the happiest, quickest to smile and laugh, and most giving you’ll find anywhere.

We have a strong affinity for Africa, specifically the western, non-safari countries – what a lot of people refer to as “authentic Africa”, and the hour of need is...

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October 20, 2014


The greatest climber in history.
The only introduction needed for Reinhold Messner is to say he is the greatest mountaineer of all time .

A living legend, it’s a true privilege to have him participate in our exclusive “10 Questions” interview, complete with characteristic answers that are direct and succinct.

Where are you from and where do you now call home? Home is Juval Castle. (Editor: Perched above the Vinschgau Valley in South Tyrol in German-speaking northern Italy.)

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